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93 ls longblock with about 140k miles..need tune up...make reasonable offer...

92-95 integra ls ecu...make reasonable offer

brand new pair white 13 by 7.5 lenso vpd 4x100 bolt pattern drag rims..$250

95 gsr rims with tires..rims and tires are in good condition..rims have few scratches but nothing big..$400

hcp mount kit to put h22 motor in a 92-95 civic/delsol or 94-up integra..brand new $325

del sol seats black with gray stripe w/brackets to fit 92-95 civic. in mint condition..$250 plus stock seats

prelude h22 vtec dc header with custom down pipe with 3 inch collector..$150

civic passenger and driver side axles $80
I take it the "custom downpipe" on the header is to make it work with a Civic chassis/exhaust?