paypal scam

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i got an email saying i paid for a rolex bracelet with my paypal account. i almost fell for it but themi realized what was going on and called paypal and it told me my account balance and it was what it was supposed to be. apparently when it says dear paypal member its a fraud. they always address you by your full name.



Nothing new- watch out for any emails from places that handle your money. Most legit emails will only contain "log on to check your messages" or "log on to see new service/TOS update" and NOT have any links in it to log in pages or anything.
i never had anything like this sent to me before, i knew there were scams but i didnt know if this was one of thenew ones.


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if you ever get an email liek this from paypal, ebay, your bank, etc... and you think it even just MIGHT be real...

MANUALLY got to by typing it into a browser... DONT click the link.

its that simple.