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so i just went through all 39 pages of boost related questions searching for pcv options here, so far i've only found catch cans. ultimately i do want to run the endyn kit, but boost will be here soon and i want to run it some other way before i buy the catch can. what have some of you guys done with your pcv valve? we just got done swapping a jdm d15 into my friend's civic because he knew absolutely nothing about the pcv during his turbo days, and ended up messing something in his motor up pretty badly. it seems to me there isnt a whole lot of information on it. maybe there is and i just cant find it. every write up i've ever seen completely neglects the pcv system entirely. if someone could point me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it.


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basically, what happens, is that the pcv operates on vacuum. once you boost, there is no vacuum while you're on it... you're in boost. thus, the pcv doesn't work.

you can score a catch can for 100 bucks dude... if you can't afford that, you shouldn't be boosting.
thanks for that, but i know i can score a catch can for a reasonable price, i wanted to know what other people have done and some other options...i read about a slash cut on honda tech briefly. just want some info thats all


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what is a slash cut?

you can make a catch can for under 20 bucks with home depot parts, and steel wool as a baffle.... theres no good reason not to run one.
just found this thread.

i just gotta figure it all out...like i said i will be using an endyn catch can, but there may be a month where i'm just venting to atmosphere with the whole ricer breather setup. i thought maybe there's a better way to do it before the catch can.


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i don't think theres a how-to or anything...

but basically, all you need are some 3/8 vac lines, preferrably clear so you can see it, some fittings, and some kind of canister to hold the spent fluid, with a drain on the bottom to drip it out. stuff the canister with steel wool to act as a baffle, so that the oily vapors will get stopped, and eventually drop to the bottom of the canister.

eventually, you want it to hook up like this:


maybe these will help: