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Hey what's up? i'm an 18/F honda owner .. just moved to michigan (blah) .. anybody in mich? I really dont know anyone. i'm from cali.

I'm in Lansing, MI. Where about are you in Michigan? This isn't the coolest place to live, let leave it at that, but hey, at least we don't have strict emmissions regulations like Cali.
I dont live in Michigan, but if you post a pic and you are hot enough, I might consider the move. :blink:

Anyways.. Welcome to HondaSwap.
i also live in michgan...

east lansing during the school year and white lake during..well... not the school year
Originally posted by DazedCivic99@Feb 25 2003, 08:11 PM
in florida is that close enough?

Yes. Yes it is, give your take a few thousand miles--welcome to hondaswap, home of the tech assholes. :P
dont scare her away like the rest of the females

i will close this if need be