people living on your own.


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Just trying to get an idea. Even tho I eat for free almost everyday at work =) but I still want to get an idea of what it cost you guys.


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I spend 5.10 a day at work through the vending machines and I give myself 8 a day for food.

5.10*5= 25.50
8*7= 56 weekly

So I spend at most 81.50 a week for food, pop and sugar. It's usually less than that since I eat at East of chicago a lot which is usually 4-5 for food with my discount.

edit: that's about 326 a month.


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My girlfriend and I usually spend somewhere in the area of three-hundred per month on groceries, but you have to factor in that a lot of much of that food is organic/free range meat&eggs/health food etc, so its a bit more expensive that most people's would be. We also get what we can from the local costco and sams club so that helps a bit too.


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Originally posted by TurboMirage@May 22 2005, 11:41 PM
~200/mo. buy in bulk, bitches!! :)
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I would do that, but I never cook. Most of my food is from fast food, pizza or chinese. :)


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Hmm, my roommate and I go shopping about twice a month, and spend 80-120 on groceries, so between 160-240/mo for 2 people. I spend about 15 a week at places like Applebees, Fridays, etc, so even with that factored in, it's like 150/mo for me, groceries, and eating out.


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yeah, i'd probably say in the 600 range....


10-12 each morning for coffee/energy drink, breakfast bar of some sort, bottle of water, and a pack of smokes depending on what kinda of bar i get, or what price smokes happen to be that day ( i swear they change daily...)
X5 = 50-60

lunch is usually about 8 bucks, give or take... call it 10 on average.
X5 = 50

dinner, depends... anywhere from free (eat with mom) to 25bucks... but i'd say this averages out to bout 8 bucks a day.
X5 = 45

so thats like 150/week
X4 = 600.

and then, theres the weekends... lol
so its proabbly more like 800 all said and done.

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Thats re-damndiculous! 800/mo one person?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!??!!

I think Robyne and I spend at most 500 mo. combined between grocery shopping and going out. (Friday night = most expensive, Pitchers and Pizza = 40-50).


150-200 month on groceries, lunch at work 200 a month, then going out to eat maybe like 50-100 a month (dont go out to eat all that much). Then probably like 50-75 a week on booze, I really need to start only having one bar night a week instead of 3.

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i would say in the 800-1000 range
i have not eatin in my kitchen for mounths now so eating 5 meals a day at resturants adds up and booze ya right up three but hey i write 90% of it off


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Damn, you guys waste a lot of money. Most of you could afford an STI if you didnt eat so much crap =)

I eat a lot but I tend to eat good food thats not premade or out of a machine =)


I'm just about that action Boss.
100-150 depending on how many free meals I mooch off family and friends.


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For those of you who drop alot of money eating out and such.. Wait till you get married. X2 for everything. My wife and I used to eat out everyday and order pizzas and such. I'd say the total cost of food and drinks was in the neighbor hood of $1300... That had to stop after we got the new car. If you are living really cheap.. you could do it on $125 to $150 a month if you eat Ramen noodles grilled cheeses and only get 2 things off the dollar menu at a fast food place.