People Who Defraud

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<<edit>> first half of this was deleted and pmmed to the admins.

basically, if you think someone is fucking you over....
instead of complaining, here is some simple advice..... <<end edit>>

and most of all, if you have been wronged....dont just sit there and complain to us and polish your gun.....
INFORM THE BBB. thats better business buerau (sp?)

AND you can take civil, and possible tort (criminal) (well actually you personally cant file a criminal action suit
against them BUT the D.A. of the county or city they are in can.)
action against these companies and or persons that defraud.

last time i checked, it was 100.00 bucks or so to file a small claims case in L.A. county.
im sure prices arent that high in the rest of the country.

Bottom line, take a cue from your good friend Karnash, and BE A FUCKING PRICK to any and all
that defraud you. of course, harrassment and the like is use your best judgement in trying to
remedy your wrongs, but as with everything else in life....there is a fine line between "criminal harassment" and
just trying to get your shit back. so make the most of it and cause these motherfucking pieces of shit hell.

and remember, two wrongs ALWAYS makes it right.

good luck


ya. edited the and sent it on its way....

but i did want to get the rest of my message out to the board so they could take some advice from me.

contrary to popular belief, i am not some loose canon in real life. i am in my first year of law school and

could offer some basic advice (altho its not legal) for people on here as to what do to in order to obtain a remedy.

it a pet peeve of mine to hear innocent people getting fucked over by sheisters. it just rubs me the wrong way.....


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Whoah Don't underestimate the hamburgler ! That's exactly what he wants u to do. so next time u get a big mac and aren't looking he'll jack that shit


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Originally posted by karnash@Mar 31 2003, 07:33 PM
AND you can take civil, and possible tort (criminal) (well actually you personally cant file a criminal action suit
against them BUT the D.A. of the county or city they are in can.)
action against these companies and or persons that defraud.

1. Last time I checked a tort is a civil suit.
2. This is what PM's are for.
3. None of the admins has the time to sit down and call each of the shops individually. They are welcome to PM any of us or post and explain their side of the story. The "Sellers to Avoid" thread is not a list of folks that are going to be banned, we aren't going to stop these people from posting in the For Sale forum. It is just a warning to potential buyers out there that these peopl might not be the most honest. And just because they are up there does not mean that they cannont get their names removed.


Originally posted by lsvtec@Mar 31 2003, 09:48 PM

1. Last time I checked a tort is a civil suit.

jesus, they just keep on getting fucking stupider and stupider....

you been watching too many episodes of Judge Judy now havent you?

go back to your community college business law teacher and ask him/her to
explain to you the meaning of "tort"


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Sure, tort might refer to a criminal or civil case, but it is not exclusiviely criminal as your usage suggests. If that were the case then you misused the term yourself in your Bubb Rubb thread and the Con Law Prof, Business Law Prof here, and even West Law misuse it as well. Seeing as they know more than you could possibly hope to it seems you are in the wrong.

The point was this belongs in a PM. This thread is locked because a "discussion" with everybodies favorite wannabe law jockey who covers his lack of any real knowledge or intellgence by becoming a more and more flamboyant asshole while throwing out technical sounding law terms, would be as much fun as pulling my toenails out with a pari of vicegrips.


just some f.y.i

a tort is a civil suit which entitles the general public to bring forth a lawsuit against another party. It is not criminal.

tort ( P ) Pronunciation Key (tôrt)
n. Law
Damage, injury, or a wrongful act done willfully, negligently, or in circumstances involving strict liability, but not involving breach of contract, for which a civil suit can be brought.


The list of sellers to avoid involve NO businesses, rather individuals, who have put something for sale, and have ripped off the buyer by either NOt sending a product, the wrong product, a shitty broken product, etc. Once again, you will find NO businesses in that list.

Finding a single person who has ripped you off is near imopssible to find, let alone sue them.

Judging from this post, you have never been ripped off.

How would you feel when you get your b16a2 that you just sent in 3000 bucks for, and you either never get anything, or get a bunk ZC or something? you call the house, he moved. you call his lcoal police, and they don't give half a shit about your money and its not worth their time.
I think you get my point.

Point of all of this is to WARN people- the buyers - that X person has fucked up in the past, and that they would be warned about the seller.

Bill paid $350 bucks for a set of seats and a sway bar about a year ago. They still haven't come in. If you don't give a shit about this list, send me or him the 350, and get nothing in return, because thats what its like getting ripped off.

there is no further need for this thread.

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