performance chips...for real or not?


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my friend recently got an RS4 performance chip that supposedly adds 50 hp and 50 torque. i drove his RSX 06 then drove my 05 and didnt notice shit. It just hooks up to the IAT not the ECU please respond so i can show him in writing its GAARRRBBBAAAGGEE


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Audi RS4? Audi and VWs can benefit from chips because their ECUs will read from them. Nothing new really, especially for the VW/Audi crowd(though I'm not sure of the gains). 92-95 Civic/Integras can benefit from chips too(when they get their car tuned, the tuner is essentially making a new chip for them).

In your case, that is not a true "chip", it's a IAT hack(tricks the motor into thinking IAT is higher or lower to dump more fuel). IIRC, the RSXs cannot read from "chips" and only way to change their fuel curve is new/modified ECU like Hondata K-Pro(I'm not sure if stuff like Power Commander will work).


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all the claims like that for hondas are junk they will do nth more then make you think it will work, im willing to bet it wont give you over 2hp tops


true that, i got tricked on that bullshit along time ago w a IAT chip supposed to give high gains, didnt do shit and all i got for 100 bucks was a stupid diode and a hamster cage blower lol... although the blower did help the "chip" didnt do anything at all.... dont waste money on them bro. 90 percent of the time short cuts like that cause more probs... do it right unless the short cut is proven by reliable source... peace. .


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IIRC, the RSXs cannot read from "chips" and only way to change their fuel curve is new/modified ECU like Hondata K-Pro.

The only tuning option for the K-series is stuff like Hondata where the entire ECU is actually replaced or significantly modified. Any little chip that you splice in is garbage. I doubt that his POS chip is even adding 5 horsepower, let alone 50...


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for an RSX the best bang for you buck ecu mode would be the reflash.
$290 gets you pretty good gains with vtec point moved up and of course an increase in HP and torque.

I can't afford kpro and too nervous to pull the trigger on sending out my ECU and module.
but I think about it everytime I get in the car. :(


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your not gonna gain 50 hp / 50 tq from a ebay chip for $25

like the last guy said, reflash is nice

but kpro is the way to go - for around $900 + tune

and then youll prob gain around 40hp and 30 tq give or take