Performance Parts for ZC

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Well as I'm nearing the close of my ZC swap project. I've come to realize that performance upgrades are hard to find for the DOHC ZC.

So, I thought I'd ask all you guys here at Honda Swap to help me compile a list of performance upgrades for the 1988 Honda DX with ZC swap. My goal is to reach 400 hp. With that being said, this is what I'm looking for, and maybe this list will help others out in the future

Turbo Kit:
Titanum Valves
Titanum Springs,
Titanum Rods
Titanum Keepers
Piston Rings
Clutch System
Fuel Rail
Fuel Injectors
Wiring Harness
Intake Manifold
Cam Gears
Gasket Set
Valve Cover Set


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400 horse N/A? That is going to be rediculously expensive if you can even get it up that high.

Boost gets my vote.


I think Bisimoto? was the place to go for the valve train components. I don't remember who the guy was where I got a bunch of my stuff from but I think he was from Puerto Rico, he was on this site at one time or another. Rywire seemed like a good place for the wiring stuff. Pretty much everything you need you can between people here and on ebay. Just be careful on ebay. :)