Phantom Grip: Worth It Or Bs?

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Hey guys, I'm having really bad traction issues with my Turbo B16 in a 96' Hatch, and I've decided to go with a limited slip. A Quaife unit would be nice, but I'm not sure if the money is there for that, so, I'm looking at the Phantom Grip unit. If you're not familiar with this, check it out, it's pretty cool. Now, I have heard horror stories of this unit causing the stock differential gears to break. I'm currently putting down 222 whp, but that will change soon to about 280-300. Is the Phantom Grip going to break my transmission? I'll take any stories or opinions you guys have. Another thing I've considered is the LSD from a CTR or ITR. If you have any information on what would be neccessary to install one of these in my 99Si Trans, let me know. Thanks, and sorry for the long post.
phantom grip doesn't strengthen the i'd shy away from it, plus it doesn't work that well.

now, a used ctr/itr lsd (or any other honda b-series lsd) will work up to 250 hp reliably...300 if you're not stupid.

quaife is what you should run if you want piece of mind knowing your differential isn't going to break.

but it also depends on the axles you're running...and with that power i'd definitely upgrade.
You sound like my kind of guy, Chet, reliability above all! I did consider upgrading axles, but others told me that it wasn't necessary. What's a good place for some good axles? In addition, are you sure about the stock diff gears? I know it's a lot of power, but they are pretty solid units.
i would highly recommend the quaife lsd, they have a lifetime guarantee, one day when i'm able to save the money, i'll be putting one in my tranny.
my buddies gf has a phantom in her sol. She has a b81b and a GSR tranny. The b18b is mildly built and I really can't tell the difference with the phantom lsd at all. Both tires burn out but that's about it not much grip and go like a type r lsd.
The Phantom Grip isn't a "real" LSD. It's not limited slip- it's basically two spring loaded plates that lock together when you're going straight, or when you're pretty close to going straight. It'll keep your wheels locked together at the strip, but that's about it. It still uses your stock differential, it doesn't do a damn thing while you're turning, and yes I've heard tons of horror stories about it blowing transmissions up too.

I have a Honda OEM LSD and it works great- but I'm not turbocharged, nor do I plan to ever be. The most I might be putting down would be 250whp, and the OEM LSD can handle that if you're careful. I would recommend a stronger aftermarket unit like the Quaife or Kaaz, or some of the other brands out there. Do some research and see what style of LSD you want, then pick it up. Don't try to feed 300whp through a Honda LSD and expect it to hold up to violent drag strip launches.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Feb 11 2003, 02:04 AM
drive shaft shop owns raxels but both are better than stock

I still want proof to show that one is better than the other... I've heard mixed reviews about DSS, but none about raxles yet...
from what i see, they are both strong- but dss tend to fit better
Hmm. I'll have to do some more research. Aftermarket axles are a bit down the list for mods though... I still get all the free replacement OEM axles I want right now, so I'll be ok until the head work is done.
I ordered mine from Raxles.Haven't put em in yet,still deployed,I'll tell you how they are when I get home.

Here is a interesting LSD write up.Explains it all and gives a little insight into OEM.
Yeah, I never really thought I'd have to replace the axles, but it seems like I'll soon be in the power range where I might need to worry about them. Thanks for the input about Drive Shaft Shop and Raxles, I've checked them both out, but I'm going to hold off untill I get a Quaife unit installed. I don't really do big launches, only about 3000rpm, so I'm not worrying about the axles (until they break :lol: ). I checked and found Quaifes for 810 shipped. That sounds pretty good, but would any of you know of a better deal on a new or used unit? Thanks for your help.
driveshaftshop is better.

i've talked to several guys running less than 11 seconds and they all run the dss axles.

nobody fast runs raxles...unless they're sponsored by them directly.

driveshaft offers lifetime guarantee, and they're in the northeast, and i'll be ordering from them soon.