Phew.. Ticket Avoided!

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Well, it was about 7:30 EST, and I was coming back from Wendy's with a friend, in THE 70 hp (210 dp) civic. Anyhow .. there's this straightaway, and the light turns yellow .. and I contemplate for a half second about whether or not it'd be fun to stop....

lol... stopping at a yellow light?! PFFF.

Anyhow, I decide, double shift time .. wee .. and drop to 3rd (no, not 2nd, please), and I feel the slightest bit of pickup, but it's TOTALL UTTER CRAP. Anyhow, I make it through, btu the light turns red before I even cross the stupid white line ..but i'm across before the other cars get their green, so no death defying tricks here.

Anyhow, I see lights .. and I immediately stop accelerating, and remain at the speed limit. I turn the hazards on, and drive for a half minute with him behind me .. I pull into a parking lot shortly after.

He comes up, and I put my dumb-idiot look on, and my "i'm soo innocent." Anyway, I admitted guilt like I had murdered an entire village of three legged chickens. He asks me a couple questions about random stuff, and looks at my weird state inspection stickers, and he's like, "uhh, what happened here?" And I was like, "windshield was replaced, blah blah" Anyhow, he looks in the back of my car, and all my papaers from my school stuff are strewn about, and he's like, "what's going on here?" and I'm like, "please search. It's all yours"

lol, anyhow, warning.

Cliff Notes - I'm super good at avoiding tickets. 20% of my stops equate to a ticket.

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Originally posted by gupta_p@Feb 19 2003, 09:29 PM

Cliff Notes - I'm super good at avoiding tickets. 20% of my stops equate to a ticket.

fuck you :angry:

100% of my stops equate to a ticket..


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Never got a ticket =)

Got pulled over for racing last week, but the cops radar wasn't on so he got me for "illegal" lighting which he later admitted he was wrong about, but still gave me a warning.

I am the Golden Boy. I'll never get pulled over for speeding, probably because I don't drive like an idiot.


I have actually gotten pulled over 4 times, and only gotten one ticket for running a read light.

The first time I got pulled over I was driving my dads jeep which he had just bought, and it had no plates on it. The cops thought that I stole it, but the did the vin number and they rightfully let me go.

Second time that I got pulled over I was driving my moms civic EX, and I ran the read light, but I made a right hand turn right when it turned red, and I was in the crosswalk. (I was in a hurry.)

Third time I got pulled over for running a stop sign, which I did, but I told the cop that I was following my friend, and I had never been in the area before, and I didn't want to get lost. All Bullshit, we go there to play basketball every week. Anyway he just gave me a fix it ticket for my tailight, some guy kicked it and broke it.

Fourth time I got pulled over for "modified exhaust and a tailight was out" I told the cop about the Tailight, "I got a ticket for it already, and the officer told me just to put red tape until I got the light fixed, and that since the car was so new that the dealer didn't have any, so they had to order it.) All true. Cop says "what about the exhaust?" I say, "No excuse really, just needed more flow for my 'Injen' and liked the sound of exhaust." He said "O.K. you can go."

I am not so lucky when it comes to accidents, though been in 5, only 1 reported to insurance. I guess I am lucky when it comes to hitting people, I hit one person, that was the one that was reported to the insurance, the others, one I fucked up a 180 10,000 in damage, my parents were a little pissed, it was my moms civic. The other three were in my SI, a guy backed into me, a guy beat up my car, and then a cop hit me.


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Originally posted by dohcvtec_accord+Feb 20 2003, 09:22 AM-->
@Feb 19 2003, 07:29 PM
I admitted guilt like I had murdered an entire village of three legged chickens.


Yah, and I want to go into law too ;)

It was obvious I had screwed up .. and by not admitting guilt, I was not going to avoid the penalty associated with running the red, so I opted for what the Insurance company suggests I don't do .. admit guilt ;)

BTW, all people that kill villages of three legged chickens beg to admit guilt, not to mention, admitting they trespassed on Kentucky Fried Chicken terrirtory (the 3 legs is only the start, they have ~15 wings, 9 breats, etc.)