Picking up my new car tonight :)

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Bob Vila

Well, I should say truck :)

With my secondary jobs (construction, remodeling, etc) taking alot of toll on my heep and the need to haul / tow, the time has come for me to Finally get a pickup truck. After months of test drives, reviews, quotes, etc. I finally landed on getting a dodge dakota. I'm not ready to step up to a full - size and the way gas prices are I don't want to go in that deep.

Anyways, 2005 Dodge Dakota Quad with the 4.7l High Output Magnum Engine - 250hp, 6900 lbs towing capacity (boat coming over the winter). Black with Slate Gray, loaded minus the leather. MSRP is 32k, picking it up for $22,300 after Employee Pricing, CF Rebates and dealer cash. I'm pretty stoked. Truck rides very comfortable, Interior is nice and comfy (hell, I'm coming from a wrangler for crying out loud).

I opted for the Sport Package (Body Colored Molding, 17" wheels, etc). Towing Package (Class IV Hitch, 7 & 4 Pin wiring, trans cooler, oil cooler, ps cooler)
I'll get pics up after I pick the car up tonight at 4:30.

Here's a teaser pic :)


And I don't want to hear its a dodge - 7 year warranty bitches :)
I like it...

My friends mom has 2 Dodges...

2004 Rumblebee..HEMI
2004 1500 (I think it was)... HEMI

I remember when she threw me the keys to the Rumblebee, she doesn't let her husband or daughter drive that shit...Then again, her husband accuses me of fucking his wife everytime I see him.
Originally posted by 92civicb18b1@Aug 26 2005, 09:37 AM
I remember when she threw me the keys to the Rumblebee, she doesn't let her husband or daughter drive that shit...Then again, her husband accuses me of fucking his wife everytime I see him.

Thats because "his" kid is black and he's white.
Not to jack your thread

:D, she is part black, generation and generations ago, both of her ancestors were completely black...she just looks white now

He accuses me of fuckin her, because me and this his wife got drunk together. Stole the Hemi's cause she got into an arguement with him, and came back at like 4 AM.

My friend's fiance/my best friend accuses me of sleeping with his gf all the time. They end up throwing smirnoff bottles at each other over it. I would never do that to him cause he's my best friend, but he doesn't trust either of us, yet he'll leave us together at his house alone all day.
nice pickup. im not a huge fan of 4 door trucks, they SHOULD only be 2 doors or 4 with a cab.. anywho, very nice, my friend had a 2000 dakota with the v8 and it moved pretty well. have fun, remember.... FIND OFF ROAD TRAILS
OH, so would the Tacoma be compared to the Dakota? So the Dakota has a V8, and the Tacoma has a V6, I think. I'd rather go with a Toyota than a Dodge, but good find yo!

Bob Vila

The tacoma was nice, but I felt so cramped in it as well as the frontier. I configured approx the same truck as I have through Nissan and Toyota, and I would have been paying 10k more than what I would have for less towing capacity.

The boat we are looking at is 4500lbs w/trailer dry so I need all the towing capacity/torque that I could get...I found that all in my truck :)

Plus out of all of them I think it looks bad ass right next to the new frontier.
Go with a full size a midsize just dosn't cut it. I use a 3/4 ton and its going bye bye in favor of a 1 ton later this year


It should be a nice truck. I need to check it out sometime. You just need to do some exhaust work to it, order some larger piping and throw a dynomax bullet on there. My boss has 2000 Dakota with a v8 in it. I am mad that he can smoke his tires no problem yet I can't with over 310 hp (GM and there stupid torque management system that cuts the timing back whenever it thinks you are doing anything abusive.)
DO you have any pics of it yet? Did you end up trading in the heep for this?