Pics 2

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H22 Fan






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Looks good.....definetly needs pics of the motor tho! I like everything but the black gas door and the clear taillights.

H22 Fan

its actually a 00 front
i thought it was a 96-98 but i looked at my friends 96 and his is different on the light..his is more rounder..mines has a sharper edge

and yess..the back lights are gay but i like the gas tank
im planning on getting the stock SI lights in the back

H22 Fan

its a d16z6 with header intake
i have the cam, gear, retainers, springs, valves but they are in the box still
i just ordered my arias pistons and will order rods next weeks paycheck

ill take more pics once my friend lets me borrow that camera and ill make them bigger this time(or will try)

allmotor d16? :ghey:

and how come there are 3 different threads of random small pics? coulnt put em in one?


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that is a very nice hatch. love the front end conversion. i would keep the tailights and paint the gas lid red. or paint the lid red and get the Si lights.

H22 Fan

im planning on buying SI lights
and i will retake bigger pics and post them up again
i just borrowed my friends camera and just fucked around with it
so i really dind't know how to make the pics bigger when i uploaded them

Battle Pope

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You do realize that if you change over to Si lights you have to get another entire front end.

'96-'97 and '98-'00 are completely different. Different headlights, core support, fenders, hood, grill, etc.

Battle Pope

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Won't Si lights look exactly like any other stock EG hatch tail light?

If you meant red and clear tails or Si STYLE then that's what you should have said. "Si lights" makes me think of either stock EM1 Si tails or stock EM1 Si headlights.