Pics of my '69 Chevy

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this is the truck i just bought recently for 700 bucks. its a '69 chevy CST10. it's pretty nice so far. i changed the distributor over to an HEI one from my other truck this week, and did little stuff like replaced the belts and stuff. as far as plans for the truck, i am planning on getting a Painless complete wiring harness, electric water pump, new radiator, and a stereo system. after that will come the performance stuff and a drop with some wheels, but i want to make it reliable and run perfect before i go fixing it up more.
yea i am still not decided on wheel size yet. i know that i most likely will not bag it, jsut because i can't see cutting into a classic ride like that. most likely i will drop it some, jsut not sure yet. part of me wants to just go all muscle car style on it, the otehr part wants to drop it on some nice billet 20's and call it a day.


Originally posted by BodyDroppedNikes@Sep 8 2005, 11:14 PM
dood those things look sic as fuck laid out. i know an older guy (hes like 50-ish) that has one thats bagged on 20s.
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lol i soooo saw this post comming :)
Originally posted by Celerity@Sep 9 2005, 12:17 AM
What brand are those valve covers ?!
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Erson. never heard of it, but ya thats what they are.

holy surface rust, batman! looks almost as bad as my datsun lol
yea i am gonna start sanding and putting primer over it soon, when i get some time.

it's got some deep rust in the drip rails and on the bottom of the doors, but all that is easily fixable and i'll do it before it gets painted
Originally posted by Celerity@Sep 9 2005, 06:29 PM

Those sure are a lot of coil springs going on down there.. No leafs ?
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no. trailing arm suspensin, i guess leafs didn't really start until 73. i think some of the ones like mine had em, but only on 4x4
nice truck- is it 5 or 6 lug?
these if they have 20"+
24's or 26's color matched

A guy in town has a light blue old school chevy truck similar to that on 26's, its looks real nice. I think yours would be pretty cool on 24's or 26's with a 1 or 2 inch drop (if the tires don't scrub).

Another thing i saw before was a truck with 24's in the back and 22's in the front. Kinda like a drag car, big wheels in back, small(er) wheels in front.

Just don't get spinners, they are played out. Well, unless they are spinner spokes, but those look funny on trucks.