Pics Of My Car

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2 litre EG

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Front of my ALL MOTOR EG [to the LEFT, duh]
and on the right, the project Race Car


Ericks 70mm Throttle Body [View from Intake Side]


Ericks 70mm Throttle Body [View from top/front]


Valve Cover, Fuel Rail & Regulator, ITR Manifold and COOL LOOKING OIL CAP :lol:


LS Block [with Arias pistons and Eagle Rods]


Skunk 2 Cam Gears


Intake Pipe


Ram Air Anyone?

Like i said, i got bored :lol:
Originally posted by SixtySecondAssassin@Mar 4 2003, 07:59 PM
whats all the tape for mang?

when i went to IDRC in palmdale, i still havent taken it off haha...

tape is used to reduce wind drag when going down the track, same reason they cal it 100MPH tape...
That's a nice intake bro. But it's not street legal, that blows. But still hella nice, what were your times in it? Any dyno runs lately?
Originally posted by TRuggiero_@Mar 4 2003, 08:57 PM
That's a nice intake bro. But it's not street legal, that blows. But still hella nice, what were your times in it? Any dyno runs lately?

best time is listed in my sig...

13.40@102 on drag radials in pomona... i barely started running the car on slicks so im still getting used to it, but best on slicks so far is 13.79@95MPH in palmdale [high elevation]

last dyno session at Zero Factory we were able to pull out 191HP to the ground, and according to my tuner about 212 to the crank... not too bad, but i have a few more tricks up my sleeve, i know i can break a 12 second pass with this set up, i just need more time to practice

i have charts for my dyno sessions, but no scanner... as soon as i find someone to scan the charts then i'll post them up

yeah the intake isn't street legal, but i dont drive it too much since i dont have registration or insurance right now... as soon as i get all that then i'll throw the headlight back in
very nice :) what did you paint your valve cover with? looks clean.
The duct tape is the best addition. :D Sic car Homie. :worthy: your idle! ;)
I love your car mang. Very nice set up. Good luck getting it into the 12's. :)
Originally posted by Prowler@Mar 4 2003, 10:45 PM
Duct tape? It's called Indian Chrome.

Uhh, look at the bumper.. that black stuff is called "race tape" "200mph tape" Its colored duct tape. :)
like it.

You would have ran in the 14's without it :)

Make sure you tighten down those bolts on the skunk2 cam gears, did you read what happened to Pills with those?
very nice what did you paint your valve cover with? looks clean.

its not paint bro, i just stripped all the paint off the valve cover... get some aricraft remover, or really strong paint remover and let it sit for a lil bit then spray it off... it comes out to that original color of the metal under all the black stuff :)

Codee - that right bow down to the crazy ass idle lol

one zexy crx - im running the full portflow valve train, with crower 63403 stage 3 vtec Race Cams

asmallsol - yeah i read what happened to pills with his bolt falling off and tearing up the timing belt... all the bolts have been checked, one bolt is already missing but everything else is tightened everytime we touch the car just to make sure... torn up timing belts and alternator belts is something that used to happen to me alot

sleeperls93 - my set up goes something like this

Head - RS Machining prepared head, portflow springs and retainers, portflow valves, crower stage 3 VTEC Drag Race cams, Skunk2 Cam Gears, Matrix R1 header [yeah go ahead and laugh but we strapped on the type-r header with 2.5" collector and it made absolutely NO DIFFERENCE IN POWER hahaha], Type-r intake manifold match ported to Ericks 70mm Throttle Body, runners of IM have been extrude honed

Block - Kurt Gordon prepared block with arias 11.8:1 pistons, eagle rod H beams

Misc - Hondata stage 3, type r 5 lug conversion, 1000lb rate springs [rear], 750lb rated springs in the rear, AEM fuel rail, regulator, and filter... bosch intank fuel pump, 15x8x22 wrinkle wall mickey thompson slicks

EVERYONE ELSE - thanks for all the compliments B) :D
Duct tape is sexy. Naked bondo is even sexier, especially with a primer halo. When the three come together its a damn porno. Nice ride man. Those twelves should be no biggy once you get a bit more track time. Good luck.
SWEET! :eek: i like the custom headlight/intake thing...and your valve cover looks titanium. tite! good luck with the 12's. B)