Pics of the Q-ship

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Okay so I went up the mountain road by my house and decided to take a few pics. I did a chop of what it SHOULD look like. (lowered, of course)


^^^ Standard lowering chop.

This one is the obligatory "Gangsta Pose".



That is a pretty damn good lookin car. Is it as comfortable as it looks? Here in a few years I want a car to roll in and use the CRX as my track car. Planing any mods? Looks good :D

6'1" ~250lbs

Jeffie: STFU lol

Drake: YES, it's probably the most comfortable car I've ever been in. The driver's seat has about 3 million different adjustments, it's crazy.

2000Si: I know, that's why I want it to actually look that way lol

I've only got a few things planned. Shocks and springs, airbox delete (cone filter adapter) which I have but haven't been able to install yet, and I'm gonna hack off the rear muffler and weld on 2 dragger style mufflers. The factory piping is dual all the way back to the final muffler.
Originally posted by Battle Pope@Jun 16 2005, 09:21 AM
6'1" ~250lbs

More than twice my mass.
............... airbox delete (cone filter adapter) ..........
[post=512829]Quoted post[/post]​

.. like it's a factory option :/

-> Steve
I couldn't think of a better word for it. It's a plastic adapter that bolts onto the MAF in place of the airbox that allows you to use a standard cone filter. I'd have it on by now, but it's a PITA to remove the airbox. :p
Mine are staggered 17s (17x7 and 17x8) Sport Max brand. Got em off ebay for 500 shipped. Stay with 17s if you can, 18" wheels aren't bad but tires are ridiculous. My 17" tires 255/40-17 and 215/45-17 are less than 100 per tire.
ha ha, i'm taller than you, ha ha :happydance: 6'4" 250lbs

the car looks really good with those rims and dropped. i'm not one for gold or champagne color cars, but that one looks right. nice car
Lower that bitch now. Those wheels are absolutely awsome. They look just right on a 4-door VIP style car. Now go ahead and pile on the power....twin 3037's? :ph34r:


OH wow, I didn't notice the deep dish rear wheels until EG said something about the wheels.

Deep dish's rock, and those wheels fit the car perfectly.