Pics Of The Ride

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ok I have my flame suit on so post away! And ya I know its night time and they are dark but I had a small time-frame to work with!



Currently in process of tryin to de-rice/de-chrome the car...and yes those are disk breaks in the back (kinda hard to tell though)

are those chromed-plated alloy rims or straight up chrome stunnaz.

if that was my car id keep it how it is, but it dont look right when your brakes show but they are rusty.
as for under the hood:
d16z6 + AEM CAI

nothing special @ all...and those are chrome PLATED! This is how I bought the car from my cousin...I want to sell it but I need to work on it a little there was a hit and run on the rear left quarter...nothing major, but like the back left tail light is broken and door dings on the left side. My cousin hammered out the dent on the back left and spray painted it black. A coworkers fiance has a body shop that imma take it too. Gonna sell those chromies and prolly buy some Circuit 8's.
Originally posted by Prowler@Feb 3 2003, 02:21 PM
They's jus' fo' dec-ray'shun.

lol, me and my buddies always say that shit to each other now, haha, bubba rubb and lil sis own you!
its your monitor y0 or vid card, turn up gamma and brightness y0.