Pictures / Videos From Civicland Meet 2003

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Just in case any of you are interested in our little meet that went down a week ago, here are the pics, videos, and details from it:

Here's the summary:

Day 1:

We met up at the hotel, got some lunch, then headed out to the drag strip and raced all night. The CRX died on the way back and got left at an Exxon station on the I-45 feeder.

Day 2:

Everyone slept until about noon, then headed over to Ernesto's for a barbecue. The night consisted of drunken debauchery at the Lizard Lounge while Katie and I headed to Ennis to fix the CRX and bring it back to Dallas.

Day 3:

The morning gets even later... 2pm and everyone wakes up to head down to the Dallas Auto Show. We were there from about 4pm to 7:30pm, then headed over to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. The West Virginia contingent left at noon that day and headed back home.

Day 4:

Aftermath... Ernesto went to work in the morning, and the KC group came over to my apartment complex to hang for a while. Event of the day- CL actually gets some wrench time in when Andy helps to remove Todd's rattling catalytic converter heat shield. Everyone headed home around 1pm, and I went to work.

That's it! There's about 135 MB of pictures and videos for you to check out, so get to it if you care enough to see them.



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Clarissa is fine.

I love that WRX STi. That is the car I am shotting for when I get of school. Can't beat a daily driver laying down 300 lb/ft.