piston codes


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go to cspeedracing.com and go to there calculator...i would list all the codes but too lazy and too tired right now....


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Originally posted by NotUrAverage_Si@Mar 20 2004, 11:07 PM
b16a - PR3
b16b - P30
b18c1 - P72
b18b1 - P74
b18c5 - P73

whoa buddy talk about wrong info...

JDM B16A- p30
USDM B16A - pr3
B17A - p61
B18A/B - pr4
USDM B18C1 - p72 A0
JDM B18C (GSR) - p72 00
USDM B18C5 - p73 A0
JDM B18C (type r) - p73 00
B20B - p3f
B20Z - phk
B16B - pct


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strange...I don't remember posting that <_<

b16b - PCT
b18a/b - pr4 (as you corrected already)

not sure how I got that stuff wrong I use to have a set of CTR's in an Ls block.