piston compressioms

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if the target compresion for an ls vtec is11.5 to 1(this is what i heard and rread from many people who have done this)and you canget this by using je pistns with eagle rods, is this with the 84mm or 85mm pistons and is this the only set up that will get this.also if it si one of these i would have to get my block bored out correct?

your info is a big help
You can get to 11.5:1 compression on your stock bore... don't resleeve to something larger unless you really want to get more displacement (not a bad thing, but costs more). Yes, you can get this with Eagle rods and JE pistons. Go do some research and see.
If you want to use Honda pistons the B16 Pistons yeild about 11.5:1, they fit the stock LS rod, and they are pretty cheap.