Piston Question

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Junior Member
I am doing ls vtec with b16 head. I want to reuse the ls rods. Will usdm itr pistons fit on them? I think I heard somehere that they wont. What about gsr pistons?

The tops of the rods are different between the LS/B16 and the GSR/ITR. You can use B16 pistons to get more compression, but the GSR and ITR units won't fit... I don't think.

You are correct sir. The GSR/ITR pistons will not fit LS rods without modification. B16 (any of them) will fit without modification and you can get the same or high CR from them than the GSR or ITR pistons. Running B16A1 pistons on my LS rods with a B16A1 head my CR is ~11.4:1.
You could also simply just by some nice aftermarket pistons with a high compression ratio. That way you have more choices, so you can customize your block.
Aftermarket pistons/rods are a good idea, but if you want to run Honda, you can and still have high compression numbers.