planning a project for 2007

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Rest In Peace
I need to do something...the wife is going nuts with me and the cars....

the house is coming along great...

We might try to have a kid soon... ;) ...we've practiced twice this week.....

First time in 3 years.... :ph34r:

and...the company will pay for my flight training, I'll have a place to build it and can keep it in the garage...airport is like 2-3 miles away....

plus...I can build planes better than I can do cars.... :ph34r:


Rest In Peace
But the wife wants the plane that's in the anime "Porcco Roso"...

and its red too...and a sea plane...

I would dig doing a Mini-Albatross kit...but there is none in existance.... :(

I guess I could be the first to build one... :ph34r:


Staff member
HOLY SHIT!!! YOU GOT LAID??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

I mean, SWEET!!! A PLANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Vila

Wait wait wait, its been 3 YEARS?!?!?!

I'm never getting married

*Runs and hides*

with a truly cavernous luggage area and optional second row “jump seat” for 2 rear-seat passengers (up to 5’ tall).

Perfect for K-Chan.

I see the strategy... keep it from you for 3 years, then bring up kids. Of course you won't say no.

-> Steve
I also need to be there when the little one and her are sitting at the TV, watching Cartoons and the little one tells her "It's not real".

Porco Plane, Project D, You'll never learn.


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