Please do what I couldn't!!!

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is waiting for summer
If you know somebody on drugs, Please do what you can to help them out. I just had to go down to the coroners office tonight with my dad to identify my 24 year old younger brothers body. He had an addiction to pills. His choice was Oxycontin. He got caught by his & my older step brother and we thought that was a wake up call. He even told me straight up that he fucked up his life and wanted to fix it. Unfortunately I couldn't do much because of my busy schedule. He worked with our father at his shop. He picked up auto repair really quick and was pretty damn good at it. He surprised us all. He even wanted to take the ASE mechanics certification test. He felt VERY confident about it. He will be missed. I just wish I could have been there more for him after he told me he fucked up his life.

I just had to share this to others who may know someone that is asking for help but aren't actually saying they need it or asking for it but hinting towards it. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Sorry about your loss my man. My old man just beat morphine. I knew he had a problem, but I really didn't know how to help him. He'd just tell me hes on it for a reason and I wouldn't understand. It's hard on everybody. I'll remember your story though if it ever enters my life again. Thanks for the motivation. You're a good man. Sorry about your brother.
sorry for your loss,keep your head up,and dont fall into his cycle
pills seem to be the huge drug of choice lately
Thank you everybody for your support except for the dumb ass that posted the wrong thing. You all know who im talking about. He was in denial about it every time he was confronted. He would steal things from my dad n sell them just to get his fix. He took my dads laptop in braod daylight one at the shop and that was the last straw for my dad. He told him dont come back to work and he gave him some time to bring back the laptop but he never did and we knew he sold it. So when he got caught by his stepbrother, my dad told our little brother to bring him to the shop. So he showed up and it was a lil awkward for me to see him but I really thought he wanted to get clean until last nite.:(
I lost a close friend in high school to morphine, I couldnt imagine a family member. Condolences to you and your family.
I'm sorry to hear this happened. This problem is more common than you may think. The pill user is mired in chaos, misery and hopelessness that defies definition. No one is capable of understanding. Pills are a unique addiction - Because nothing leads someone to do it. It's not a drug you take when you're on top, or on the bottom. It can start from a headache, a slipped disk, knee pain. It's so easy to be caught in the net.

you or your family didn't drive him to this. And recovery is different than all other addictions.
Sorry for your loss, I have known quite a few people with substance problems and it's always hard to know what you're supposed to do to help them. And evne when you think you have helped, sometimes they slip up. I will think of this post next time someone I know needs help. I qish the best for you and your family.