Please Help B18a Problems

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Someone please help. I just recently had my car stolen and I got it back but in bad shape. My insurance screwed me so I have to fix it my self. I would just get rid of it but I can't bring myself to do it. When I got it back I was missing some sensors up on the firewall. Went to a junkyard and replaced all the missing sensors. She struggles to start and just barley idles on her own. I have put fresh gas. When you blip the gas she almost falls on her face but comes back up. When I try to drive it any more than a blip of the throttle and she falls flat. I was running a 60 shot of NOS before it was stolen with some basic bolt ons(CAI,header and Xhaust). I had just replace 1 fuel injector before the theft. SHe has a real bad tick too. Not sure what to do or what I need to look into next. I really don't want to spend the money to take her to the shop cause I need to replace all the shit that's missing. They got me real good. It is a 92 ls with about 95,000 miles on her. Please help :( :( :(
That sucks man....fuck thieves

As far as the idle problem- I would check into the tps voltage to make sure that is correct. Check and clean out the aic valve near the throttle body. If those are fine then make sure there are no vaccuum leaks. Check ignition timing, and compression. As far as the tick- Check the valve clearances, or it may also be an injector.

Is there any check engine codes?
Thanks for the quick codes. What should the voltage read on the tps sensor? What is the AIC valve?
How do I go about testing injectors?