Please Help Me!jdm B16a Sir 2 Or B18c1?

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Civic EJ1 SiR

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I have a 93' ex coupe and i really want to do a swap especially after last night after being at the races in hunts point, NY...i have always wanted todo a swap, and no i wasn't my first time at the was just my first time there in a while..anyhow after hearing that POP! of the DOHC VTEC i've decided i really need to do this...

I plan on DEFINATLY running boost on the motor(10 - 15 psi)...but that won't be for a long time once i get the swap done because i plan on working the motor so it can handle the boost and it will only be boosted when it is truly ready and can be done without i definatly want a VTEC engine while i run all motor...i know the compression ratio's of the vtec engines are quite high for boost and will need to be 2 choices of motors are the JDM B16A SiR 2 or the USDM B18C1...

i'm told the SiR 2 just slides right in to my car which i want... but i have also been told that the motor may be illegal (i don't mean stolen) i mean emissions wise...and also it comes with a lack of torque even though it pushes 170hp...i got a price on that motor of $1850 + it true that i can drop this motor in plug it all up and be on my way???

I know that a GSR is the shiznit...but it comes with its cons for me...for one thing price...$3300...i have also been hearing that there are issues with OBD 1 + 2 which i'm very sketchy on...but the motor does push more torque than the sir2...and will be alot sweeter as i run all motor...

Also can someone please tell me what i will have to do to this motor to make it the OBD issue, which axles, which harness, which ecu, is it a direct bolt in(do the mounts line up with mine), will i be able to have A/C and power steering?,etc..basically what needs to be done to this motor that doesn't need to be done to the SiR..?

the dilemma...
i don't know which motor to go with...which will be better for boost?...which will be better for all motor?...which will be the best bang for the buck?...should i make the sacrifice of the harder installation of the GSR and go with that? the Sir really illegal?...should i go with the SiR so i have that extra thousand dollars or so to work on the motor with or buy the GSR and work on that for better results?..god this is so difficult...

Big thanx to those of you that have chosen to take the time out and read all this and respond i know its alot but my head is twisted...this keeps me up at night sometimes lol...
Dang long post. Anyway your kinda looking at this the wrong way. If for sure you are going to run a turbo, get the LS. It is cheaper, parts are cheaper and if you are going to be running boost, it is the strongest and easiest tunability. If you went ahead and went with the gsr, you may put down more hp but you will run slower than the ls/t. Reason, you dont actually make any numbers untill VTEC has kicked in. Since you said that you will build the engine up for turbo, that means that you can't (unless you want to waste alot of time) put the engine in your car untill you put all the parts on. (ie, new sleves, pistons, rods, cams ect.) My suggestion is to be slow for a while then have the engine in your garage while you build it, 3 months later you'll end up having a very fast car.

About the SirII being illegal, at least in cali (from michigan where there is no smog stuff) you can get that engine to pass emmissions if you put USDM emmissions stuff on it.

You asked what way is the best for NA, gsr (or type R) by far. It has trq, hp and tons of parts. But if you are going to be running boost, dont bother for the reasons i have already stated
i hear you about the whole LS thing it has been recommended to me many times..its just that i want to have some power while i'm waiting for my turbo....because it will be about a year b4 i get my anyevent i feel as if i am leaning more towards the jdm B16 because of the fact that it is a 1000 dollar difference and the only differences between the GSR and SiR is that the GSR has about 10more pounds of torque and higher displacment....what are your feelings towards that...? or maybe i will just look into the LS...thanx!
To answer your question about obd2>obd1, here is the bottom line.

The only thing you need to do to drop a obd2 motor in your car, is sell the obd2 ecu and find a obd1 unit for the same motor. You may also need to run a wire from the distributor to the tach. Thats it. Everything plugs right in.
Well the b16 turbo is nothing impressive because it is already lacking trq. And you said you want to wait to get the turbo (guessing waiting for money, i know how that goes) If you are going to build it for turbo, your going to have to take the engine out again, then your screwed because you no longer have your SOHC engine in there and your b series is off at the machine shop, getting sleves put in. I would just wait for a while and then go ahead and do the LS turbo, you will be much more happier in the end.
no what i am saying, keep you sohc engine (what hever you have now) keep that in there, and while your being slow as hell, have the ls sitting in your garage while you are working on it and about 3 months later when you get this project finished (just in time for spring) drop the engine in. Dont put an engine in then repeatedly take it out, it is a waste of time. If your going to sleve it, you may be out of an engine for a few weeks so then if you just pulled the engine out of your civic (ls) your going to be out of a car for a while, instead of doing all that, just be slow with your d series while your building your lsT