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I need help. I have removed and replaced my steering rack and tie rods. I put brand new tie rods on my car and a fairly new rack. I adjusted everything to what I saw was straight till monday I take it to a shop to get a front end alignment. My problem is that the steering shakes over bumps and feels like the steering wheel is moving. It also feels like when I turn the car all the way to left or right it rubs. The steering wheel is straight and the tires are straight but somthing feels wrong, it shouldn't be that off should it? When I was replacing the tie rods I only touched these parts. The tie rod ends were the castle nut and cotter pin go and I replaced those both and tighten them back up. I removed the steering rack mounting bolts and replaced them with new 14mm bolts total of 3. The rack is tight and doesn't move at all up or down its really secure like it should be. Then I adjusted the tie rods to where the front wheels are both straight for now till the shop aligns it tommorw. The steering wheel I adjusted so that the wheel stays straight with the steering wheel. If iam doing anything wrong let me know. I just dont know why its all messed up when I replaced everything by the book. Iam really confused. Please give me some things to go over and check?

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it sounds like your alinement is off wait till you take it to get checked before you try to fix problems you may not have
but would it be that off? I went to drive in a cirlcle like out of my driveway and around a curb and back in. The car just felt like it was going to fall apart. The wheels felt like they were going to fall off? Is that all part of alignment? The steering wheel kinda shakes, the turnning is weird but alot better then what it was before. My old tie rod boots on booth sides were almost completely gone(shreded).

One more thing, the car turn great but very sharp like power steering. I pulled the steering rack out of a ps civic hatch of the same year as mine. But I really dont think that this is what is going to make the car shake the steering wheel when I go over bumps or make the wheels feel like there going to fall off. I know I might need to raise the car up a little bit cause of how sharp the wheels turn now but as far as the steering wheel shaking on bumps its just not.. iam confused.

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ok mine did the same thing (a1990dx)
i needed new upper balljoints ie new arms
jack the front of the car up and with the tire still bolted on try to move the tire from front to back and side to side
the should be no give it should smoothly trun not wiggle at all
next you might have soem toe in so check that
also did you grease all the ball joints?