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i have
(2) 90-93 ls intake manifolds. one complete one no tb
(1) 90 si intake manifold
(1) 92-93 1.6 vtec valve cover, great for that mini me swap
(3) 90-93 valve covers one polished
(1) si engine harness/ great for b18/zc/vtec swaps
(1) adjustable bseries shiftlinkage
(1) si trans, complete w/ shiftlinkage and short shifter
(1) 91 b18a exhaust and intake cams mint*
(1) 92 and up prelude valve cover brand new coated black like stock
(1) brand new dvd,mp3,cd,cdr player comes w/ 6.4 inch screen and headeck. screen comes seperate from headeck so mounts anywhere , comes w/ everything in box ready to on request
(1) set of stock 96- up civic hatch tails mint*
(1)92-93 distributor grey plugs wrks great.
(1) 90-91 ls distributor white plugs also wrks great.
DO NOT low ball me serious enquiry only. many more parts from so many swaps just ask i might have what you need
How much for the white plug LS ditributor?

for the adjustable b-series shiftlinkage?

and the DVD?


shipped to 80223