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WRX Sellout
Can anyone running an H22 tell me what model of NGK plugs they use (non-platinums)? Honda gave me some RFH6F-11's, and Carquest assures me that RFH6A-11's are correct.

Now, I know you're all going to say, trust Honda on this one. The problem is, the one that end in 'A' fit my plug wires MUCH nicer. I get that 'pop' when I insert the wire. The ones that Honda gave me (the ones that end in 'F') don't fit my wires nicely, which makes me think that's the reason I friend my plug in cylinder #1.

I've emailed NGK as well, just thought I'd get the low-down from my Hondaswizzap homiez.


Senior Member
let me know what ya find out.. i need to go buy mine soon. I'll take a look around, see if i can find some info for ya.