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Village Idiot
So I figured since we have a dedicated music thread why not have one for podcasts. I've switched over to listening to podcasts at work and when I'm doing things around the house in place of music because I find it it either calms me down or makes me laugh and improves my mood, whereas sometimes music can add stress to situations for me (and the kind of music that could be calming just isn't my style). On top of that I learn a TON. I know more about History, the way Entertainment industries work, sports stuff, etc than I ever have, I love taking in information part of why I'm always researching car stuff.

Some podcasts I listen to:
The Dollop
Comedian Dave Anthony reads a story from American History to fellow comedian Gareth Reynolds who has no idea what the topic or story is about and has to react to it. It's hard to explain but absolutely hilarious and a little sobering, we've had some dark times in our history.
I suggest Episode 12 on "The Rube", one of the best pitchers in MLB history and one of the dumbest people to ever grace the diamond.

The Watch
Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald discuss Music/TV/Movies past and present.

The Bill Simmons Podcast
Bill Simmons, since being fired from ESPN and picked up by HBO talks about whatever he wants with cool, usually high-profile guests.

But I find I run out since most are on a weekly/bi-weekly basis and I'm caught up on old episodes, any recommendations from the people?
I don't really have time to listen to podcasts, especially since listening to conversation at work is distracting for me. I can't do presentations or analysis while there is a conversation going on. But with that said, there are a couple I listen to soundbites from and i'll turn on when traveling.

My favorite is probably Bill Burr. The dude is hilarious. I also like the Joe Rogan podcast. If I can get my hands on anything with Neil deGrasse Tyson, I'll listen to that too.
I used to listen to adam carolla religiously. BS report was good too.

I can't listen to podcasts nearly as much though in my current role. Only time i really get to is if I'm doing some kind of accounts reconciliation and that's rare these days.