POS little brother


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So I get home from work today, and I get home to a party going on at my house. No big deal. Parents are out of town, so its fine. My driveway has one car in it, blocking everyone else, so I can't even park in my own driveway. Strike one. So I get in, and I go to change my cloths. I get to my room, and my door is wide open. Strike 3 My money box is in plane veiw with all my tips in it, and again, my door is wide open. Strike 3 So I check to see if its all there, yea it is. ok whatever. Then I notice, my stero system is gone. Strike 4. I get out of my work cloths, and go to hang out for a bit. Well there is my radio. OUTSIDE. Keep in mind its rain all this after noon, but my little pos brother did put a umbrelle up, so its all good...Strike 5 I then see my ipod charger cord on the dinner table and I remember my iPod was there eariler today. Its not there anymore. Strike 340938430483. I am ready to kick some ass. So I pull my piss ass drunk little brother out side. He's pissed at me since I did that to him (he thinks he is too cool for an older brother) and I tell him my iPods gone. He tells me that the kid in the holister t-shirt was playing with it. Keep in mind, all these kids are highschoolers, and even me being a really small guy could take almost anyone of these kids. So I go up to this kid, put my arm around him, giving the buddy lean on me kind of thing. So I say in his ear quietly "Buddy, hows it going. So I hear you found an iPod. Sweet man. Let me tell you something. Do you know who's house this is? "yea ryan's" Wrong answer. This is my house. So who's iPod do you think that is. Kid hands me the iPod and says 'Yours?' Hmm good guess. Now get the fuck out of here"

Now I am just hanging out and kids start to leave. Pretty much everyone is piss ass drunk. My drunk brother goes to this kid who can barely stand up "Cya, don't crash, and If you do, you didn't get the beer here" I wanted to kick his ass right there. I had a few beers, not drunk, but not sober, so I wasn't going to dive these kids home. Now by like midnight, all the kids are gone (wtf, do these Highschool kids have cerfews or something) I bring my radio inside, and move my car back into the driveway. I go to close the front door and realize its broken. Keep in mind, my entry door is somethign my mom has wanted for the longest time, and my great grandma gave her the money for it in her will, and is like a 1000+ dollar door. The thing is completely fucked up. When my brother is able to stand in the morning, I am going to kick his ass. Strike 959405438503458


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yep you pretty much have yourself a little bitch for a few weeks.......... unless mom and dad find out what the hell happened to the house


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i have two younger siblings getting to about that age. i am really not looking forward to it, because i remember when i did it to my older sister. but it was for all the times she came home piss as drunk and i covered for her.

but yea, kick his ass.


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Damn y0, I was the old bad influence, my younger (he's about 3" taller than my now) never did stuff like that :)


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what happened to strike 2?? :lol: :ph34r:

whoop his ass when he's completely sober so he knows why he's getting that ass whoopin'.


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I kept the parties outside of my house. People would come over and they we would leave. I wouldn't get in trouble but still it's just that drunk people are clumsy and things break.

I'd whoop his ass if I were you.


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at a party my step sister was holding, I came home in the Civic and the CRX was open and moved. They got my keys off the hook and decided to take it around the block, drunk and 17 years old.

Forget strikes - I had a mushroom cloud.


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I love partys but you have to know how to throw them. Clean up and make sure anything valuble or breakable is out of the way. Have one of your freinds who doesn't drink do sober rides for the night. I'm in a fraternity so I know a little about throwing good parties. We've thrown partys with 300+ people with out an incident. Its all about good risk management.


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we just had a nice 7/4 party. Not one fight, not one arrest made, drunk as shit and just fun. $9000 worth of fireworks and that was the only thing the host was fined for. There were about 300 or so people there, unlimited food and 8 kegs.