Possible to have an oil leak without dripping?

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Oh, I do a little here and there.
I check my oil regularly like your supposed to and in about 2 months it went from max to min. But I've never seen a drop on the ground, and I know it's not burning there's no smoke.

So...what could have happened?? I haven't driven it in months it's been sitting in my driveway since I wrecked it and I thought I'd check the oil again while I was replacing the radiator support and bumper support.
Had to drain and remove the radiator to replace rad support, looked like there was a very tiny amount of tiny metal bits in it accumulated at the top right under the rad cap? Pure green other than that.

Strange tho, only the reservoir coolant seemed a little dirty but not oil.
It looked more like metal shavings (silver). And the reservoir had some other shit in it more like dirt. Definitely not oil.
but other than a leak or burning im clueless
I don't even know if my engine runs at operating temp.

See the radiator fan went out right after the swap...so I rewired it and replaced the relays and fuses...still doesn't come on. Also the temp. gauge doesn't even get up close to half way, so I bought a new t-stat awaiting install (it was only like $5 so I was like, ah fuck it I'll put a new one anyway).

I know for sure it doesn't run too hot, valvecover is never too hot to touch.
this in the D15b???? Mine has a nasty habbit when its below 30 out to burn a little bit of oil in the start up. I didn't notice it in the smoke but I did when the I reved it up and let off.. just an Idea!
Yeah, it always gets like that in the very cold. But then again I'm having IAC trouble that I can't fix too.
LMAO.... here is what I did, my car was Ideling around 650Rpms lmao, and then I did this and now it idel's back up around 1,100rpms.... just an idea for you! I took off the trotle body, used a cleaner safe for seansors... Sea foam is what was recomended, beleve it or not I used Simple Green lmao worked quite well with some q tips. Took me like 20 mins and what a diffrance... Just an idea for ya, not that its going to solve your Oil burning problem
My old ef hatch burnt like half a quart a day and it only smoked when it hit rev limiter. :D

I used to beat the shizen out of that little gold biotch.... :rolleyes:
650 +/-50 rpm is where a d-series is supposed to idle.

Mine is in the stages of being retuned. Sold it to a Old Man today for his son, his son saw it, guess a local freind saw him driving to fast so now its back in my yard haha! But ya, the motor is out of tune ever so slightly! Last time we fix it to idle at 700RPM's now the IAC is clean its gained 300RPM's time to re tune :)
I'm thinking there could possibly be a valve leak now that my memory catches up with me.

Piston rings I doubt because these engines are compression tested before being shipped out from hmotorsonline, I haven't really abused it that much, and these SOHC's can handle around 250whp stock.

But when I changed the head gasket I set it down on the street (like a dumbass) the same way it sits on the block and there was at least 2 valves open. Probably need to rebuild the head to spec. Or maybe I could buy a z6 head to P&P and rebuild with stronger parts since it's supposedly identical to a d15b vtec head :):). That's if it fails a compression test of course.
read the first post and i say check your coolant.............. could have fixed your problem already but check it again
I had to drain and remove the radiator when I replaced the rad. support and all the coolant in the radiator was pure green. It was only the stuff in the reservoir that had some brownish stuff in it but not liquid more like tiny chunks like dirt.