PowderCoated some stuff!

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Check out this valve cover i did tonight,Gold metallic with Wrinkle black.



Yup did the gold first,taped it and cut out the letters,sparyed the Wrinkle black and peeled the tape off the letters just after the Powder flowed out.It was blue Yesterday.
I was liking the blue for a bit,got it for my sled=Yamaha blue.Almost went with Flat black and neon pink--i have an old accord Valve cover thats cracked so i might do that one for the fun of it.
looks awesome :thumbsup:
What was the initial cost of equipment/supplies on your end to do all that?
Standard Kitchen oven $100
Powders $2000 so far
Custom Made 4'x4'x6' oven $2000
Guns $1500

A lot of money to do my bikes,sled and some wheels and other parts off my ride.
Planning on offering your services to others to get some of your initial investment back? Or is this just a personal endeavor that you had?