Power Sreering Or No Power Steering

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I' m wondering what would happen if i take the power steering pump off my 93 integra, would i be able to plug up the steering rack, where the hoses go to the rack, and second would this affect steering in anyway ? need some help on this , and would it be more responsive. :blink:
when i put my gsr in my civic, I unhooked the power steering belt and drained the fluid, it was good for a 5hp increase. It's not so bad with out power steering, I get by just fine.
u can loop the hoses up and run the fluid thru another cylinder ( i used an extra slave cylinder). or u can simply just take the belt off, its the drag on the crank that is costing u some extra HP. it is a good idea to keep the rack lubed. will help prevent it from breaking down and/or overheating.

it will make steering under higher speeds a lil less "twitchy" but that is just my personal opinion of a manual versus a power rack
If you asre realy serious about removing your PS, look into a steering rack from a 93 Integra RS. They didn't come with PS (it's a manual rack) and it is a direct swap.
Thank's guy's i think i'll just diconnect the power steering belt and leave it like that , until i rebuild the motor. thanks for all your responses :worthy: