Power Steering A 89 Hatch?

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Senior Member
I have a 89 hatch, how or can I put a power steering pump on my hatch?



Yes you can, you have to get the rack N pinion with power steering, the lines and the P.S unit itself, and the P.S reservoir, and of course the belt.


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Personally i wouldnt. Grow some muscles and save some HP. unless ur dropping in an H22a or CRVtec, theres no need to girl up ur car. Keep P/S in lincons:p


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Sounds like to much fun for me. Money can be spent on other important shit.

Thanks Though

prawjEKt Cx

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yeah start curling, high weight low reps and keep protein in your diet, you don't need power steering, unless you have a h22 spinnin 18's