power steering problem?!?!?!

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for some reason as soon as i swapped motors my power steering started leaking from underneath the boot on the steering rack. i don't understand why it never did before, but thats beside the point. now four days ago i started my car up early because it was cold, and it started to whine like it was low on fluid. i didn't think anything of it until i heard a loud snap and then no more whine. so then i got back in the car and i didn't have power steering. i figured i snapped a belt, but when i popped the hood it was a disaster. my crankshaft pulley was just hanging there and when i took it out the bolt was still there, which i figured had broken, was with it and what had broken was the crank. it snapped off where that bolt threads in and was still on the bolt. i don't understand what happened but the bolt itself was not threaded all the way in when i looked at it, it wasn't even finger tight. i think that maybe it was that way on the motor and caused a week spot. i could use your help on this one and also how hard is it going to be to fix it. oh yeah i forgot it is a d16z6 in a 95 civic coup


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Sounds like ya are in a pickle.. Honestly who needs power steering? LOL, Best of luck with the fix!


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Maybe find another power steering unit, i dont have power steering in mine anyway, feel the road better, but to hell with parallel parking without it. Sorry man i dont know much about power steering except that they go often.