Power steering to non

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This might be stupid but I have been searching for a good write up on the 4g all day. I did this on mine but.. it isn't right and I'm tired of having a leak.

Anyway, I have mine set up like this, sorry no pics atm. I have the high pressure line going back to the reservior and the other two nipples on the res capped, kinda ghetto breather. The two smaller gray lines on top of the cross member are looped.

Everything I see only says to loop two lines. But these are all 5g civic and 94+ integra writes... Both of the only two "kits" that I could find also were only for those years so I couldn't get a refrence from them either. Maybe it's the same idk, but it doesn't explain why I have 3 open lines..

Anyone know of a good way to acomplish this? If you used any fittings please let me know what size..

Thanks in advance.
i took mine all the way back to the rack itself behind the engine at the firewall. Cant remember though if they were looped or plugged. But it bypassed everything and you see nothing. Manual rack is the correct way to go though. The bypass/loop will almost fail everytime later on down the road.
You're probably right. I got a braided set up and am doing the loop with a T to breather.. aka tiny napa filter ;x. with a cap for the third, smallest fitting. I'll rebuild a manual rack someday with a quick gear. But this needs to work for now.
Is there anywhere you can buy the manual setup? I used to have a manual steering 89 and i liked it way more.
I have one sitting from my 89. I'd rather have the slightly faster ratio ;x.
Yep, One sitting in my shop. Whole thing will probably need rebuilt. Hence why I'm waiting to make it a quick rack.
Actually you can buy them from almost any parts store like orielly, advanced, autozone....etc You just neeed to get the manual rack for the 4th gen.... Orielly has them for under $150. I think like $115. Easy assembly if your familiar with everything. I eventually did this in my EF.