power steering

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i have a 93 civic and i bought a 92 parts car, i'm swapping the engine (from the parts car) and the parts car has powersteering, should i bother putting power steering in the 93? is it hard? and how should i do it?


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fuck power steering
adds weight :thumbsdown:
reduces road feel :thumbsdown:
added drag on the engine reduces power to the wheels :thumbsdown:

i ripped it out of my sol, i dont miss it at all


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to be honest, a civic driver does not need power steering, one it pulls hp from the motor, two drains the gas miliage a bit(not much but is a difference), three the only circumstances i'd say to have it, is if your an older grandma or grandpa who needs it. i can drive in and out of every parking space or even parrell park with just a hand, once the car is moving, the wheels have less traction and make it easier to steer.


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in all honesty, a honda doesnt need powersteering.

but if you want to use it. you should just remove the entire steering assembly from the parts car and swap it in.


All my friends gripe about my car not having it - yet I don't mind it at all. As long as the car is moving, it's virtually effortless. Even stopped, its not all that hard - plus my arms get a little stronger. Lightweight wheels also help in the effort department.