prelude '81

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lol what i meant was that without a really big shoehorn and a lot of money you won't fit anything else in there. aren't those carbureted engines?
bad karma i would NOT spend that kind of cash on a car that old, unless you refresh and restore it to be a classic not a street racer
Seriously guys...

I have an 81 too and have the same question. I've heard the A-series engine has the same mounts? Is this true? Did the A-series come in the Accord, and if so what years? I think my engine is EK1. Would the tranny need to be replaced too?

I am interested in restoring this car. This is not a street racer, it's a daily driver with sentimental value.

btw, it has to meet CA emissions too...
no it is fuel injected si 4ws- mine is in beautiful condition- the only reason I need to replace my engine is because the timing belt broke- It drives better than any car I've ever driven, and I driven alot of nice cars- and mine is an 89
damn i got an 89 prelude si 4ws! Damn what a car it was untill the curb jumped out in front of me! if anyone knows anything these are a drift machine! but yeah if anyone needs anyparts for their old school prelude lemme know i may be able to help u out!