Prelude/accord Vtec Swap

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I have a 1993 prelude S, the f22a sohc non-vtec motor, if i got a head and ecu off an accord ex (f22b) which is the same motor as mine but with vtec, could i swap vtec into my car similar to how and ls/gsr vtec swap or the civic sohc vtec swap works? if you have any idea if that could work let me know so i know to buy the head and ecu. Also would i need any other parts to swap it over and would it be a big project please respond soon to[/EMAIL]

also does anyone know a good jdm engine distributor in south fla? :worthy:


WRX Sellout
You're only going to gain a couple of ft-lbs of torque and maybe 10 horsepower with that head swap. In addition to the complete head an ECU (which need to be OBD1), you'd need a VTEC timing belt and possibly a VTEC water pump (if it's different from the non-VTEC).

You'd probably be better off swapping in an H22 or H23.


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if you do not have the money for the h22 swap i will sell you my complete f22 vtec with tranny and ecu for $600 it has 108,000 miles on it and is in great shape doesnt burn any oil and does not smoke a bit email me back or post back if interested i am located in Maine