Prelude Braking System

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I want to know if I can use the braking system from a 93 Prelude VTEC on a 91 Accord w/rear drum. I want to convert it to 4wheel disc and have the prelude's entire braking system? Is it easily possible...or pain in the ass possible?

Thanks, TI


WRX Sellout
I don't know that the front is any different from the Accord, but I don't see why the rear discs wouldn't work. I'd think it would be similar to doing a rear disc conversion on a Civic.


Senior Member
WEll u can always put the rear discs on from a 4 wheel disc accord and u know that will work. but im not sure about the prelude ones. i have a buddy with a 85 accord and he put rear discs on there from a 80's prelude,. ( i forgot what year) but they fit. im sure it would prolly work.