Prelude VTEC problem

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I recently installed an H22a into my '93 prelude SI. I was running on a p14 but i recently bought a p13. I am now getting flashed a 22 when the vtec pressure switch is not plugged in and when the switch is plugged in, the check engine light comes on constantly with no error code. A couple questions...The light blue wire comes into the switch, the blk/red wire leaves and is grounded right? How can I determine wether it is the fault of the ECU or the pressure switch, or something else entirely. Thank you.
get a helms and check voltages

i don't know the wiring off hand...

google, or check free repair section for the wiring diagrams to confirm its hooked up right...
Just ground the damn wire.

Faulty wiring will give you a code, but the blue wire is the one the ECU is concerned with. I grounded mine within six inches of the plug. The blue wire should be ran properly to the ECU.
The wire is grounded, I was just double-checking. So when it is hooked up, I should assume my VTEC is working and that I have a different electrical problem? My car did work well when I did not have my p13 ECU in, when i had the p14. Thanks for any help offered.
When you jump the service connector, the engine light should come on solid. No light = 0, which is a bad ECU. Blinking lights are codes. If the service connector is not jumped, then a solid light means there is a code to be read.

I just thought I'd clear that up, if you were confused. If not, then disregard.


And if you dont know where the service connector is, it is behind the center console (radio) on the driver's side...its the 2 wire connector closest to the driver's side (Took me forever to find the thing and it was right infront of my face)