Pretending to be a ricer

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OK, this is my first one, this shit is fun as hell!

MSkibbz: you shouldn't be installing it if you don't know if your car even has vtec
MSkibbz: sorry bro
integra94NOS: what?
integra94NOS: i heard it is easy
integra94NOS: how do i tell if it is vtec
MSkibbz: what model is it?
integra94NOS: its an integra
integra94NOS: acura
MSkibbz: LS/GSR/Type-R
MSkibbz: ??
integra94NOS: uhh
integra94NOS: its the 2 door model
integra94NOS: its an automatic
MSkibbz: what is your redline?
MSkibbz: 6900?
integra94NOS: umm
integra94NOS: i think so
MSkibbz: then it would be an LS
MSkibbz: you don't have vtec
integra94NOS: oh
MSkibbz: its an RS/GS/LS
integra94NOS: is it hard for the ls to get horsepower?
MSkibbz: one of those
MSkibbz: i have an LS
MSkibbz: I use nitrous as well
integra94NOS: is your car fast?
MSkibbz: not really
MSkibbz: I have a ton of mods, but to be really fast you need turbo on your LS
integra94NOS: turbo?
integra94NOS: i saw a turbo and headers package for 1000 bucks
integra94NOS: online
MSkibbz: how old are you?
integra94NOS: 19
MSkibbz: first car?
integra94NOS: i just started getting into this import thing
integra94NOS: no 2nd car
MSkibbz: cool
integra94NOS: its kind of confusing
MSkibbz: yeah it is
MSkibbz: my teg is my first import as well
integra94NOS: is v-tech good?
MSkibbz: yeah, but you don't need it to be fast
MSkibbz: turbo is the answer
integra94NOS: doesnt the turbo just weld on to the intake manifold?
MSkibbz: there is a ton more to it than just the actual turbo
MSkibbz: read up on it in the turbo forum on superhonda
MSkibbz: I've been researching for about a year
integra94NOS: i cant just weld a turbo into the cold air intake?
MSkibbz: nope
MSkibbz: expect to spend 4k+
MSkibbz: at least
integra94NOS: jeez
integra94NOS: can i get v-teck
integra94NOS: would that be faster?
MSkibbz: you can swap a gsr engine into your ride for about 4000
MSkibbz: yeah it would be slightly faster
integra94NOS: cool
MSkibbz: turbo ls is waaaaaay faster than a gsr though
integra94NOS: i got a new spoiler yesterday, and my car seemed a little faster
integra94NOS: at high speed
MSkibbz: you can get 300hp and 220ft/lbs with a turbo on your engine
integra94NOS: wow
integra94NOS: i think my car has around 250 now
MSkibbz: are you serious?
MSkibbz: you are gay
integra94NOS: 250 hp
integra94NOS: thats what i heard
integra94NOS: from other people
MSkibbz: read more in the forums bor
MSkibbz: bor
MSkibbz: bro*
MSkibbz: I gotta go
MSkibbz: later
integra94NOS: ok

:worthy: xlfusion for starting this crazy shit


Senior Member do know i was fucking around, right

hence the title "pretending to be a ricer"

xlfusion started the shit

90 accord

Chicks dig the box
oh, i thought you were the one who knew stuff, i'm a lil bit slow right now, lol


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so whats goin on is that your going to super honda and talking to people on aim and pretending not to know shit about cars? lol funny shit.... i wish i had aim at home :(


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lol, i cant believe i started this trend of pretending not to know what your talking about concerning cars, online.


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ok a lil background info:
Thats me (obviously) STBHacker. some kid on Honda Hookup told me to im him and fuck around with him.

STB Hacker: Hey, are you there?
Makman10: yes....
STB Hacker: im a newbie on hhu
STB Hacker: i just register
STB Hacker: hey!
STB Hacker: my name is jenna
Makman10: i smell something funny, BITCH
Makman10: dont fuck with me
STB Hacker: wait why are you yelling at me
Makman10: lemme guess, youre hot !
Makman10: oh shit i got that right
STB Hacker: no i dunno
Makman10: you live near me too right !?
Makman10: fuck off
STB Hacker: nah
STB Hacker: i just wanna ask some questions about my car
STB Hacker: theres no one online that i can ask
Makman10: right right right
STB Hacker: i wanna know if i have v-teck or not
STB Hacker: i have a 95 civic
Makman10: i never put my aim name in my profile bitch
STB Hacker: well your name is the same as the one on hhu
Makman10: im not even gonna get started but ill tell you its vtec
Makman10: not vteck
STB Hacker: o v-tec
STB Hacker: sorry
STB Hacker: why are you being so rude?
Makman10: because youre some douchebag trying to make me look like a dumbass
STB Hacker: no im seriously asking you questions
STB Hacker: dont be a dick
Makman10: lmao
STB Hacker: i wanna know if i have v-tech or not
Makman10: if youre real then im sorry
STB Hacker: v-tec* sorry
Makman10: idk man i hate hondas
STB Hacker: i thought you had a prelude
Makman10: nope i have a ford contour svt
Makman10: far from a lude
STB Hacker: u have a mustang?
Makman10: i only go on hhu because my friend is on it
Makman10: no a CONTOUR svt
Makman10: like i said before
STB Hacker: i thought svt was mustang
Makman10: kinda rare
Makman10: svt has focus, lightning, and mustang
Makman10: and contour
STB Hacker: i think my dad has a lighting
Makman10: obviously
STB Hacker: its red
STB Hacker: its fast
Makman10: thats an awesome truck
STB Hacker: 7 speed manual
Makman10: lmao
STB Hacker: 6*
STB Hacker: typo
Makman10: all lightnings are autos
STB Hacker: he did it custom
Makman10: so it aint a lightining
STB Hacker: he took the 6 speed manual out of a civic
STB Hacker: and put it in the lighting
Makman10: ahhaha
Makman10: no way
Makman10: i gotta go
STB Hacker: noo
STB Hacker: wait
STB Hacker: tell me
STB Hacker: do i have v-techk or not
Makman10: tell you waht
Makman10: i think there is a chance
STB Hacker: i have a black 96 civic
STB Hacker: its black
STB Hacker: does that mean anything?
Makman10: but who cares you arent gonna win any races
STB Hacker: ya i have nos
Makman10: nope it doesnt mean anything
Makman10: LMAO

STB Hacker: ?
Makman10: its called nitrous
STB Hacker: nah nos
STB Hacker: nitrous is something else
Makman10: and that also has nothing to do with vtec
STB Hacker: nos is better
Makman10: LMAO
Makman10: oh my god this is classic
STB Hacker: ?
Makman10: i still think you arent who you say you are
Makman10: i have to go pick someone up
Makman10: so i actually do have to go
STB Hacker: why are you being such a jerk
STB Hacker: listen!
Makman10: good luck with your VETX0r
STB Hacker: bye
Makman10: later
Makman10 signed off at 4:57:43 PM.


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LOL, very good!
Let's get some names of people that are like Admins or Moderators on other Honda sites and post them here.


Senior Member Admins and Mods AIM screen names:

boske1 - admin
SavedInStone - mod
sunny calzone - mod
aks986 - mod
GTPownsUall - mod (hes gonna be a jerk)
A007surfer - mod
el - admin (elite)


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hhahah i didnt fall for your shit! good luck with someone else tho. you did a perfect job of pretending to be a retarded riceboy!


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lol you joined just to post about this...

good one but i gotta find some other people since that bitch redsoxfan (on hhu) already posted it in the off topic section about what we are doing.

anyone not banned at superhonda? ive been banned there for a while now and now i cant get admin/mod aim sn's so i can fuck with them.


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sl094honda: Hello, how do you tell if I have Vtech?
W98integraLS: haha... read you dumbass
sl094honda: where?
W98integraLS: and its VTEC fucktard
W98integraLS: ....
W98integraLS: well go to and check it out
W98integraLS: what kind of car do you have first...
sl094honda: what's a honda sswap/
sl094honda: look at my name
W98integraLS: just click the damn link lol
W98integraLS: civic... what... lx/dx/si
sl094honda: civic. its two door
W98integraLS: ok... well that doesnt mean anything... what model
sl094honda: automatic
sl094honda: think it's a dx
W98integraLS: then no vtec prolly
sl094honda: i have a friend on team teg who told me to talk to you
W98integraLS: <-- teg owner not a civic guy
W98integraLS: ahh matt?
W98integraLS: or Ian
sl094honda: well, hondas jsut the better than acuras.
W98integraLS: acura is honda there buddy
sl094honda: dunno the screenname, just an email
sl094honda: they don't look the same
W98integraLS: just go to
sl094honda: i want it to be fast like in that one movie fast and the furious
sl094honda: what should i do? nos? big muffler?
W98integraLS: well... then dont talk to me
W98integraLS: here
W98integraLS: ill TELL you what to do ok...
W98integraLS: go to autozone...
W98integraLS: got that?
sl094honda: yeah, i already got some cool altezzas there
W98integraLS: get all the apc shit you can find
W98integraLS: even if its not for your car
sl094honda: and a type r badge. no one will know the difference right? =)
W98integraLS: you can find a way to put it on to make it like hella FnF
sl094honda: what are you taking about?
sl094honda: hey, i just want to know what to do to make it fast
W98integraLS: then you MUST get one of those light up muffler tip thingys
W98integraLS: dont waste money on the pipes, they dont do shit anyway
sl094honda: like streetglow. makes it look like your exhaust is on fire =)
W98integraLS: is it an auto?
sl094honda: yeah
sl094honda: how do you do a lightened fly wheel on them?
W98integraLS: somethin like that
W98integraLS: how bout 3 type R badges
W98integraLS: and a HUGE window sticker that will cover your entire rear window
W98integraLS: so you cant see out the back
sl094honda: that's stupid.
sl094honda: it would block my blue tint
W98integraLS: how bout a wing?
W98integraLS: got one of those yet?
sl094honda: yeah,i looked at them. you got one?
W98integraLS: just like any real ricer ;-)
sl094honda: what's wrong with ricers? aren't all imports ricers?
W98integraLS: *racer... my bad
W98integraLS: i guess so......
sl094honda: a kid in town has nos and a big wing. he's really fast
W98integraLS: but anyway
W98integraLS: its the downforce
sl094honda: would a short shifter help? come on, i need ideads, not sarcasm. i don't know that much .i just read super street a lot
W98integraLS: ok... serously
W98integraLS: cancel the subscription to superstreet
W98integraLS: serously
sl094honda: why, i paid for three years of it?
W98integraLS: and go to
W98integraLS: and read their articles
W98integraLS: and the posts there
sl094honda: they don't sound like they know what they are talking about. i was browsing their messageboard while we chatted
W98integraLS: you can cancel it and get your money back
sl094honda: what's wrong with the magazine? they got some cool lighting and chrome wheels. and some hot chicks
sl094honda: ?
W98integraLS: ok well if you wanna be fast like the are in the FnF... then keep reading that shit
sl094honda: what, are you jealous of the fast cars?
W98integraLS: if you dont get laughed at every fucking day... cancel the subscription to that mag and start reading up on hondaswap
sl094honda: ok
sl094honda: hey, how light can you get chrome wheels?
W98integraLS: hahah... please dont talk to me any more
sl094honda: hold on.
sl094honda: i'll send you a picture of my car and you can make some decent suggestions
sl094honda wants to directly connect.
W98integraLS is now directly connected.
W98integraLS direct connection is closed.
sl094honda: sry, it's too big. i'll fix it
sl094honda wants to directly connect.
sl094honda: ?
W98integraLS is now directly connected.
W98integraLS direct connection is closed.
sl094honda: screw it. it says OWNED BY PROWLER
sl094honda: LMAO
W98integraLS: fuck you


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Originally posted by DazedCivic99@Oct 25 2002, 05:31 PM
damn someone has to much time on there hands

please keep your worthless comments off this board.