Pretty cool vid.


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Fuck yeah, and the best part is that Joe Satriani's "Surfing With the Alien" was playing in the background. Hehehe, I was listening to Satch's "Strange Beautiful Music" when I opened the file. :lol:


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i thought it was cool when he made it hover like a helicopter. just curious, can you really do that with a real airplane?


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pretty sure a real airplane can't do that- i think that model can do it because it is so light that the power of the motor alone can hold it up- But with a real airplane the only way the airplane can stay in the air is if the wings are making lift- i think- am i close Loco?


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Damn... for all the tricks he was doing, I thought that was a smaller plane... It's amazing a 6' plane can be so acrobatic. ;)
6'? Try 8.3' span. :)

Yes, some real planes can do that, but not many. An Extra 300 is one plane off the top of my head that has unlimited vertical performance. The Space Shuttle is another.