problematic swap

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I got a 94 prelude with an H23a3 non vtec engine from a brother in law. when I first got it, it struggled to start, but would eventually. now it wont at all. I checked for a spark and got nothing, so I took out the distributor and found that it was in pretty bad shape and I need to either clean it or replace it. also i'm burning oil pretty fast and went through about 1/4 of it in only 40 miles. how can I check to see where oil is leaking (hopefully not head gasket) and how can I fix up the distributor and not have to pay nearly $200 for a rebuilt one? is it even worth it to fix, or should I part out, the chassis is in pretty good shape, only minor rust.
Welcome to HS ! Well as you are aware you need Air/Fuel/Spark to run in combination with compression. Honestly you probably are not going to be able to save the distributor and will need replacing and technically it is a wear item that will be replaced with maintenance of the vehicle. Also burning 1/4 of any ammt of oil in about 40 miles it should either be leaking clearly somewhere or consuming it smoking,