Problems after oil change

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I have a knocking sound when my car is cold. I switch to syntec blend oil this time. I know I have enough oil. I used the right viscosity, 5w-30. Does anyone think I should switch back and do another oil change? It only happens if my car has been sitting for a while and then the sound goes away after I drive down the street. Its as if the oil isnt being circulated as soon as I start the car. Could this synthetic blend be my problem?
Sounds like you need to do a valve adjustment. It doesn't have anything to do with the oil change. If your rockers are a little out then the sound will go away when the motor starts to warm up. I love the avatar.
The specs should be on your hood. I think it is .004" for the intake and .007" for the exhaust, but you should not take my word for it.
Naw man, synthetic oil rocks. Takes much more to boil it. Lasts longer. Lubricates better. Etc.
well which one is it?
The clicking is your valves. As for which oil to use that has been a "discussion" for as long as I have been a member of this board.
i would use regular oil on a N/A motor. And synthetic on a turbo motor! Just because the turbo gets soooo damn hot and synthetic has a higher boiling point.
Why not use synthetic all around? I actually notice a difference with synthetic oil over dino, and no turbo here.
Originally posted by lsvtec@Oct 22 2002, 09:41 AM
Why not use synthetic all around? I actually notice a difference with synthetic oil over dino, and no turbo here.


Dino oil won't last 100 miles in my engine... I torched a quart of dino oil that someone recommended I try in only 100 miles- let's just say that the car went straight up on stands as soon as I got back into town, and I dumped that dino crap straight out.
Well I feel pretty stupid. Everyone can laugh at me. Well, today I adjusted my valves but that didn't fix the problem. I found the problem though. Saturday I took off my header and put it back on, but I did not put it back on tight because I was getting a new header at the end of the week and i left everything loose for when I take it off again. It was a stupid exhaust leak. It goes away when the car heats up because the metal begins to expand and creates a better seal. I feel like a real dumbass. Sorry for all the heartache. Thanks for everyone help.