project: resurrection!!!!!



didnt think to make a screenshot at the time, but i ordered a set of RC 310 injectors and a Prothane motor mount insert kit from Lightning Motorsports...

that pretty much takes care of the motor, other than a wiring harness which i'm going scrapyarding for on monday...

as far as the body of the ol' fo-do....

a friend of mine is the head painter at BodyMasters in Lufkin...he's going to re-shave everything (back door handles, mouldings), take out all the dents/dings, sand the car down to bare metal, prime the car with DuPont primer, and paint the car Championship White Pearl (which is why i asked for the paint code earlier).....

all for around $2k!!!!

so far i've spent $1747.46 on the shit for the motor, and Josh said that it won't be more than 2 grand for the bodywork/painting...that's $3747.46 out of my $5k loan i got (originally for the hatch)....

which means i think i'm going to buy a new interior (Since i've destroyed mine over the past few months...which i dont think anyone on here knows about except for a few locals)

yup's comin back, y0!


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oh god- do you really think that's a good idea? i would have pushed that car off a cliff and started over- but good luck homie, i hope everything works out for you this time mang


Just junk the damn car and find something you don't have put a lot of money into. Becareful with fixing it because once big projects start there are always hidden things or things that break that are going to cost you.


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you're like me, just cant get rid of the fo do. Im the same way, im on my thrid engine, 2nd auto trans, 1st manual. If anyone has a slightly used clutch for 90-91 Integra, let me know.

good luck on the Fo Do. I just noticed that you'll need a wiring harness, can you use an OBD-0 LS engine harness. I have one forsale. Let me know.


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too late for him to push it off a cliff, he's already sunk 1100 bucks into it in about 25 minutes of computer time...


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I just hope you love that car. I get attached to my ride too.

Good luck with it. :)


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Originally posted by NotUrAverage_Si@Apr 5 2004, 01:33 PM
maybe you should strap a couple of those mini fire extinguishers in your car. you know the ones that all the ricers have...

maybe four or five knowing your luck will. :lol:





actually bought a fire extinguisher to go in my car. not a ricey chrome APC one, but an actual Kiddie (or somethin like that) fire extinguisher...



today prostreet called me...theyre out of silver aem shortrams. i changed it to an Injen shortram.

i also added an ACT prolite flywheel to my order.

the current new parts list is:

OBD1 P72 & jumper
Skunk2 Intake Manifold
Skunk2 Cam Gears
AEM Fuel Rail
AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator
RC 310cc Injectors/injector clips
Injen shortram intake
ACT Prolite flywheel
Mugen valve cover
Mugen carbon fiber lip
RD carbon fiber hood
DC JDM 4-1 header
Prothane motor mount inserts

in addition to my Exedy stage 2 clutch, Hondata intake manifold gasket, Magnecor plug wires, JDM ITR tranny.....

maybe i'll run 14.50's :D




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Originally posted by civicious@Apr 4 2004, 02:38 AM
that pretty much takes care of the motor, other than a wiring harness which i'm going scrapyarding for on monday...

Good luck trying to find a wiring harness in a junkyard. All of the junkyards around here won't sell the wiring harness without the motor. Except one yard, which leaves the terminally injured motors in the cars with the harnesses, but usually there's so many sensors & connectors cut off that it's useless.