PS3/Bluray player owners thread

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I bought a PS3 about a month ago. Other than Band of Brothers which I bought from Amazon for $35 shipped, what movies would you recommend? I have Netflix and I added bluray on it. Just curious what movies you guys would suggest that are good movies on top of looking great.
Good call, I own the HD-DVD version of it. I like it, but the effect they use gives it that constant grainy look.
I thought it was a noticable diffrence over the dvd
the only blu-ray movie i own is talladega nights. great movie. definately very noticeable difference from standard DVD.
We have a shit ton and by we I mean my roommate that I bogart his shit........ but my favorite.

Live free die hard
Transformers, Crank, Wanted, Blackhawk Down, Ironman, The Bourne Collection...