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I have never had to deal with psycho women. Seriously. I've met a lot of them that has left me saying "Whoa... stay away from that". But sometimes, I guess, a few slip through.

You think "Yeah, everyone has problems. But she seems well adjusted"

Then she says, paraphrased "I don't like you. Go away". So you go away.

And then she mails you stuff. Calls. Late night calls and txts. From other phones. myspace messages, giving your info out to people, calling the cops on you and whatever else psycho bitches do.

I know there are psycho guys too, but I've found that psycho men tend to wear it out on their sleeves. The women though, they hide it.

I've got 2 completely psycho women on my tail right now, and I'm not at all happy. The more I plainly state "I'm leaving you alone. Leave me alone" or "Why are you doing this?" (or.. Insert any rational request here) they keep doing it. They twist reality around to not only excuse what they do, but to justify it - and then easily slip away and deny all wrong doing.

One of them gives me the "because I love you" shit, the other is just a fuckin hellhound that won't stop trying to hurt me in any way possible - even though I have done NOTHING to her.

Anyone got anything to share ?


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women are like the ghosts on super mario 3, they only come after you when you turn back on them.

if you want to get anything for your headache, have sex with them. they are already nuts, you need to benefit from your time and headaches. hell, you might find one just as nuts as you.


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fuck there brains out and pretend to like them AND treat them like shit. hopfully they get tired of it and leave.

keep fucking them is the best part of the plan. If they are going to try to messs with your head the least you can get out of it is some vag.

sorry man its all i got. I dont have crazy girls chasing me.


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Run away.

Get the fuck away from crazy people. Having a crazy bitch chase after you because she thinks she is in love with you is scary. I moved across Europe to get away from one once. Let's hope you don't have to do something similar.


good luck. and good luck to your stuff.
pawn them off on some other guy or scare the one away by being 'in love w/ her'. soft cell, tainted love, '1st i ran to u, now i run from u'.

my friend dated a girl who would cut herself and punch the wall after they argued. and she threatened him w/ castration, nice.

run and hide.
find an alpha female to scare them off.
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Yeah, I'm not fucking any one of these girls. It's not worth it.

The one that loves me was the fuck buddy I had a few weeks ago. It was a trap (!) and she thought she had me in it. She wants a place to live and some money.


wait, you're dating blanco? lol

that fucker is pretty much on par to a psycho at this point. he can't take the hint that we don't want him here.


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introduce one to the other.
theyll plan with each other to take you down, and they will realize how brilliant the other one is and the will fall madly in love with each other.


No no, PIIDB, HARD!! over and over again, every time you see them, every text, reply with IDB? NOW?!? OK! Every time they call, ask if they want it again.

Jump up and down on 'em, use them like toilet paper, wipe your ass and toss them out. Either they'll get tired of you or you'll have a pair of awesome toys to play with whenever you want.


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I showed you, in the girlfriend thread. The 28 year old is well she's got a nice body and a decent face, but her makeup is ... European.
The third, no - no pics.


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Part one is complete. All phone numbers changed, account info changed. IMs abandoned and all emails abandoned. Auntie Kludge has released his statement on Celerity's myspace page.

Tell Auntie Kludge, " Klaatu Barata Nikto ! "
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