pulling my h22

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I have a 95 lude with an H22 swap and it ran great but now the timing belt tensioner is going out I’ve heard that h22a belts are a bitch so i was wondering if it would be better just to pull the motor to do the belt i would probably do the clutch and flywheel at the same time, thanks


2 weekends? :blink:
It really isnt that bad to change while in the car, but pulling the motor would make things easier.
It should only take one day :huh: that is with 15 smoke breaks, one trip to Armandos and plenty of stopping and staring at the crank bolt time.


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i meant if you pull the engine it would take 2 weekends. Not 2 weekends period. Bout 16 hours total work (atleast thats what my shop is charging me to put an H22 in my prelude)...but i unno, it depends on how much time your willing to put into it.


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It would be easier to change the belts with the motor in.

If you want to change belts, tranny, clutch, etc, then pull the motor.

16 hours sounds fair. Unfortunately, shop rate is $50-80 per hour.