pulling out hair!!!

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i am rewiring my 89 std from obd0 jdm b16 using pr3 to a obd 0 using jkobd adapter blah blah . the company who install this engine back in 99 did a really hack job blah blah . after finally getting the cel to work after the cut it off i find i have codes 1 4 6 and 15 call will not start after the obd0-1 swap
please correct me if im wrong here

code 1- oxy sensor -shouldnt cause car not to start
code 4 crank position sensor - ?? is this the same as the cyp sensor ? with the
new obd1 distributer how does this work out ??
code 6 - coolant temp sensor - shouldnt cause car not to start
code 15- ignition output signal? what is this and how do i trouble shoot it ?

i need help im frazzled here


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Originally posted by brian11to1@Aug 8 2005, 06:03 PM
why are you using an obd1 dist. if the car is still obd0?
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brian ... different cars/ecu codes are different
the b sleeper.... the car is not obd0 i am in the process of making obd1