Puttin On Coil Overs

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ive put coilovers on a civic and an accord and both times the back bolts broke. but a friend of mine didnt have any probs puttin em on his crx so am i???? :whatafucktard:
theres a very good chance they will break

Buy a can of wd40 and spray the shit out of the bolts, then let it soak for a while, then do it again 2-3 more times.

Use smooth pressure when loosening them, it may help.

And when/if they break, you may be able to have the bolts drilled out of the bushings, but if not prepare to spend 20 bucks on new bolts/bushings from the dealer :)
i have lowered countless civics like this

this is the rear of a civic,crx and or integra

1.jack up and secure with jackstands
2.take off rear tire
3.get a 14mm 6point socket
4. loosen iner control are bolt slowly(control arm may come down fast)
5.loosen the control arm bolt attached to the hub assembly
6.take out two upper strut bolt
7. drop strut and control arm out all in one peice without needing to mess with the strut bolt that attaches it to the control arm

good luck man
the problem is honda uses the wrong type of metal in the inside of the bushing, causing them to rust/cease together.
they all break. if not now, the next time probably

parts are cheap- and pressing in a new bushing only takes a few min.
just make sure you have another mode of transportation to get to a shop if need be